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Since on early ages, Rossi was interested on something that most of the kids didn't even think of.

He was passionate about how people make clothes, especially suits for men. As a kid he saw something that was so beautiful, so attractive and so creative. Something that he never thought will be part of his entire life.

"From some fabrics you can make beautiful suits".... This was going on his mind all the time.

He decides to go and ask the tailor near by, if he will accept him to help on anything he needs, and start learning how to become a master.

He was 13 when he first started to touch fabrics, needles, threads tape measurer and since than he never let them down.

He kept working with passion and love. He knew that everyone loves to look great and for that reason, he will be the one, who with his hands make this promiss come true.

Hard work and dedication brought him to New York City, where he attracted very important people such as David Rockefeller.

David Rockefeller has been his VIP client since. There are a lot of other important people, to whom we are very thankfull.

We thank all our client, and for us you are very important.

We welcome you anytime.

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